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‘Castle in the Sky’ Tiger Moth review

Thanks to HHkits I had the opportunity to review the Dola’s Pirate Airship from the Animage Grand Prix winning anime ‘Castle in the Sky’ by Hayao Miyazaki. Even though the kit is tagged as 1:72 by Fine Molds I would see it rather as an equivalent of kits in 1:144 scale. Inside the box, you will get the kit it self and a much larger figure of the pirate captain Dola.

-Kit quality-

the airship is made neatly and with excellent fitting, about 90% of the elements can be snapped on together without a single drop of glue. The push out marks are slight to moderate and in many cases, they are hidden under different elements or in places where they are invisible. The nicest thing about this kit is the fitting when putting two half’s of the mold together brake lines are almost invisible. This is especially visible on handrails and ladders.


there aren’t too many details here compared to a traditional kit however, all elements within the ship compartments the fuselage and all surfaces, are clean and with sharp edges. I believe that Fine Molds intentionally did not put too many details on this ship and focused on replicating the ‘Anime’ creation of Mister Miyazaki without decorating it with elements with were not visible on the drawn original.

-Quality of plastic-

the used plastic is stiff but not too brittle, it has a very smooth surface without any flaws. The only thing you need to pay attention to so separating the elements from the sprues, don’t snap the parts but use a sharp knife or you risk damaging the elements itself.

-The figure of Dola-

what might surprise you there are not to many details as for it’s size and with rather soft edges. However as mentioned before it’s representing a cartoon figure that was drawn with simple lines and not a real human.


they are printed with high quality without any visible rasters


Strong points

  • -very good quality, there are no major defects
  • -it’s simple enough for a junior kit maker
  • -sharp and clear edges and details


  • -limited number of details vs. comparable 1:144 kits
  • -a number of push out marks that should not be there
  • -no figures of the anime characters in scale of the Tiger Moth
  • -no transparent wings for pirate scooters

Product link: Tiger Moth