Deckel FP1


FP 1 is a universal milling machine that ‚build’ Germany during the first half of the XX century. Deckel was a company that specialized in leaf shutter production for the camera business. The machine-tooling section was established in the 20’s and continued to develop for over 40 years. The FP series was revolutionary for its time and still is highly regarded in toolrooms and small workshops for it’s versatility and precision. Fine Molds delivers this kit in 1/12 scale and with all interior details. The table and the head mount are adjustable using their respective micrometer dials.


Deckel leant itself to solving a multitude of machining problems, the secret of the type’s success being its ability to mount a number of different heads – horizontal, standard vertical, high-speed vertical and slotting –

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Produkt jest sprzedawany bez kleju oraz farb potrzebnych do sklejenia oraz pomalowania modelu. Rekomendujemy także użycie skalpela modelarskiego oraz pilnika przy budowie.


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