Messerschmitt Bf109K-4 Hartmann Final Combat


Around noon, May 8th 1945 Erich Harteman recorded his 352nd air victory, just hours before the World War II ended for Germany. By that time he was flying a Messerschmidt Bf 109 K-4 (Kurfürst), it was the most advanced and the final version of 109, using DB605DB or DC Daimler-Benz engine (1 973 HP), pressurised pilot cabin, redesigned engine cover and propeller cap. This version of the 109 was capable of flying at 730 km/h and reaching 12 500m sealing making it a fully functional high altitude interceptor. At the same time it was the most armed of the 109’s- 2 x MG-131, 1 x MK-108 machine guns and under wing gondolas capable of carrying 20 or 30 millimetre machine cannons.

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This is ready to assemble plastic model kit. Paints and cement (not included) are needed to complete the model. Side cutters, modeling knife, tweezers are also recommended.

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