IJA Type 4 Ho-Ro (SPG with interior)


Ho-Ro was a Self Propelled Gun developed for the Imperial Japanese Army by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries during Second World War. In 1943 IJA was looking to adapt the obsolete Type 38 150mm howitzers produced under license in Japan on top of a caterpillar based chassis. Mitsubishi used an modified version of the Type 97 Chi-Ha tank chassis and mounted an open superstructure on top of it giving moderate protection to the crew from frontal fire but suboptimal from the side and rear. The gun as firing 36kg shells at the maximum range of 6 000m. By 1944 a total of not more than 12 units were produced, they were deployed to the Philippines and later on served as artillery support during the battle of Okinawa.


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This is ready to assemble plastic model kit. Paints and cement (not included) are needed to complete the model. Side cutters, modeling knife and tweezers are also recommended.

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