JASDF F-4EJ Fighter


The F-4EJ has long been operated as the main fighter of the Air Self-Defense Force. The F-4 fighter was developed as a U.S. Navy carrier-based fighter and later became a best-selling aircraft exported to many countries. Japan also introduced the F-4EJ, which was renovated for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force F-4E of the U.S. Air Force specification.
Completely new mold in 2020. The form of the kit is three-dimensional based on the latest research. In addition, the center part of the fuselage is one-piece molded by the slide mold, and the conspicuous parts division line is designed with emphasis on ease of assembly that is avoided as much as possible. For details, small holes lined up in splitter vanes, the inside of the fuselage abdominal exhaust hole and the inside of the leg storage were also precisely reproduced. Marking has reproduced the aircraft belonging to the 302nd Squadron and the aircraft belonging to the flight development experiment group.


This is ready to assemble plastic model kit. Paints and cement (not included) are needed to complete the model. Side cutters, modeling knife and tweezers ale also recommended.


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